CJP Medical Communications

Carden Jennings’ Medical Communications Division specializes in developing and publishing education materials for physicians. An internationally recognized medical publisher, Carden Jennings is a leading producer of peer-reviewed medical journals in the specialties of hematology and heart surgery, as well as an award-winning producer of continuing medical education (CME) materials for healthcare professionals in a variety of specialties.

CJP Medical Communications utilizes the versatility of multiple media to present high-quality, peer-reviewed information for practicing physicians and researchers and to facilitate peer-to-peer communication on important topics in subspecialty areas.

With the innovative use of emerging technologies, CJP endeavors to advance medical knowledge through print, CD-ROM, and internet publications.

CJP produces a series of CME-accredited multimedia CD-ROMs, combining audio files and synchronized slide presentations in a user-friendly platform compatible with both PC (Windows) and Mac (OSX) operating systems. Educational programs produced on CD-ROM include leading experts providing critical commentary on a variety of topics in multiple medical specialties. The CD-ROM programs are generally CME-accredited and are all produced, replicated, and distributed using turnkey services provided by CJP staff.

For more information about CJP Medical Communications, please contact the below personnel, or use our online contact form.

Vice President
Marc Weathersby
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  Vice President of Production
David Utz
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  Project Manager
Garland Branch
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