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CJP Lifestyle Publishing serves one of our nation’s most exceptional and richly endowed communities Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia. Endowments, both natural and man-made, are what make this historic area the residence of choice for so many successful people in diverse professions-from business, finance and communications to art, entertainment and sports. They all share a common interest: a strong dedication to this area. Centrally located, the Charlottesville-Albemarle region's natural beauty and mild climate make it a most desirable place to live and do business. The town and surrounding county have become identified with the values of Thomas Jefferson. His legacy of leadership and citizen participation has helped the area grow and prosper.

Carden Jennings' flagship lifestyle publication is albemarle magazine. Named for our county in Virginia, albemarle is a regional magazine, published bi-monthly, that focuses on life in Jefferson's Virginia.

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albemarle magazine
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