About us

Carden Jennings Publishing (CJP) is a multi-channel communications company with over 35 years of experience in publishing and professional education activities. Our primary focus is on evidence-based medical educational activities that advance interprofessional practice and improve clinical care and patient health outcomes. We deliver clinically relevant content through live and virtual meetings, journals, and online portals. Our innovative products include Grand Rounds in Urology, a leading source for online education in the field of urology, and Bloodline, a leading source for online education in the field of hematology/oncology.

Our history

Founded in 1985, Carden Jennings is a leader in the publishing and medical communications field. Throughout our history, we have applied emerging technologies to improve the communication and dissemination of medical information.

In 1998, we began publishing the Heart Surgery Forum, the first journal in the field of heart surgery to include surgical videos in published manuscripts and to use an online, rapid-publication process. In the early 2000s, we developed and released the first cloud-based software solutions for the submission, peer review, and management of journal manuscripts and meeting abstracts. These technologies were spun out of Carden Jennings to form ScholarOne, Inc., which became the global leader in peer review management software, serving thousands of journals worldwide. Now owned and offered by Clarivate, Inc., they continue to be worldwide leaders.

Today, we are combining our publishing and professional education expertise with the latest technologies to enhance learning experiences and to improve healthcare outcomes by making important medical education content broadly accessible.